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Internet Marketing

Comprehensive. Strategic. Predictable.

Creating Campaigns

There are many different internet marketing tactics that can be used by a business to accomplish their business needs.

Properly leveraging tactics that make the most significant impact in the least amount of time is the key to getting a new strategy off the ground in a reasonable amount of time.

This starts by understanding who your target customer is and where they live online. Learning the type of content they consume and questions they have that you as a business owner can answer and establish yourself as the expert that you are.


Content marketing

Leverage a blog post to boost your website ranking and create funnels that drive sales

Email Marketing

Create offers that build email lists as well as design emails that people will open and engage with.

Community Management

Manage a community of people on social media channels such as Facebook Groups

Paid Advertising

Set up ads that properly target your audience in the right place (Google search, YouTube, Facebook) with the right content (Text, Video)

Social Media Marketing

Understand how your product or service fits into the social media world and where you are most likely to encounter people ready to buy. Create posts that people engage with and share, and increases your website traffic

Local Marketing

Learn how to leverage local search giants Google and Bing to create your own branded page with unique offers and images and populate it with customer reviews

Search Engine Optimization

Create website content that boosts it in Google searches for greater exposure

Train Your Team

Are you looking for consulting and training for yourself, an employee, or a marketing team?

Check out Blue Creek Digitial where we work with business owners to create/train in-house marketing staff.

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