Getting Started

A 5 step process to help you as we get started

1) What I need to get started

  • Your Logo (PDF, EPS or high res JPEG if possible)
  • Hosting Login (hosting account and/or Cpanel login)
  • Current Website Login (if currently a WordPress site)
  • Images or any new pictures you’d like to use for the new site
  • Brand style guide, colors or any special graphics being used

2) Basecamp

Basecamp is an online platform that makes communication and project management easy. Emails are great but can easily become long threads where finding information and image attachments can become a daunting task. Basecamp will help to keep the project organized by allowing us to send messages, share files and track progress during the project. If you feel more comfortable with using email don’t fret. You can still send me an email. Any messages you send will post directly to Basecamp! Once the project is up and running you will receive an email to set up your Basecamp profile. To learn more about Basecamp click the button below.

3) Dropbox

Dropbox is a great online platform for sharing images and files. Sometimes when sending files, images, and videos back and forth the file size can become too large. Perhaps there are several files that need to be sent that can easily become several emails sent back and forth. It’s easy for important files to get lost in the sea of emails. Dropbox is a great way to upload all these files into one place. This makes it much easier to find and sort through everything. It is also a great way to share credentials (passwords and usernames) back and forth to maintain the security of the information. Once we begin, I will set up a Dropbox folder for the project and share it with you via email. You can upload all your images and files there. To learn more about Dropbox click the button below.

4) The Development Process

Designing a website can seem like an overwhelming task. I want to make this project as easy as possible for you so I’ve layed out my 3 step process to from designing to completion.


step 1 - Layout and Design

The project starts by creating the layout and design. This is the foundation of the project. This is where we’ll determine the look of the website, and also design its navigation and begin incorporating your page actions.

step 2 - Development

Development will involve adding any custom code that the project requires. It is also where we will complete the functionality, navigation, and page actions. At the end of this stage the page will be submitted as complete. Once submitted the site will be ready for the revision process


step 3 - Revisions and Edits

There are 2 rounds to the revision process. After the website is submitted as complete you have 2 days to look over the site, make a list of any edits, and submit them to be changed. 1 day after the the edits are submitted the 2nd round of revisions begins. Again 2 days are given to look over the site for edits then another 1 day to complete the changes. After the final revision the project will be wrapped up and the site will be moved to your proper hosting.

5) Preparing for launch

Once the website is ready to go live, we will remove any unused photos, pages, and plugins. This will help to keep the workspace clean and will also help the site to load faster.

You will receive your password and username to log into the website through either Basecamp or sent via email. At this point you will have access to the website in its entirety. If you opted for our training program you will receive either an email or a phone call to set up your training date.

If you haven’t heard from us yet, or would like to opt into our training program simply click the button below to gain access.

Fill Out Our Questionnaire

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email. If you haven’t had the chance to, please fill out the: