What's Next?

Ok, the website’s live. Now that I have it, what can I do with it?

Spread the News

Now that the website is live, we want visitors to start using the site. There are a few advantages to driving traffic to the website right away. First it will help Google to index it faster. This will also help to increase your website’s SEO.

There are several tactics to drawing people to your website. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Email Newsletter

If you have an email list, blast out an email telling everyone that your new website is up and running. Make sure you include what the website is about and how it will help your recipients to solve their problems or add value.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to share your new website with a large audience quickly. Don’t hesitate to create a Facebook post. You’d be surprised at how fast word can get out when people start interacting and sharing your post. This can drive traffic outside of your friends and family and get a larger audience to gain awareness of your presence.  

Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing. Having a direct conversation with someone is a powerful tool. This is your chance to tell someone about your new website and persuade them to visit by answering any questions they may have in the immediate conversation. Ask people for their opinions and feedback when they visit as well. This will help you to continue molding the website to best serve your visitors.

Ask for Reviews

When I visit a website for the first time, I expect the business owner to say good things about themselves or their products. What about the people that have used their service, or bought their product? How was their experience, and would they buy again? Many people will decide whether to buy a product or service based on the reviews they read. When you get reviews, you are showing people that you served a customer, and they gained real value from it. Let’s discuss 3 places good reviews can really help your business.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are great for people that do an internet search to find you or your services. Google dominates the search market when it comes to searching for products and services. One of the first things a searcher is likely to find about you are what reviews left on your Google page! Make a good first impression by encouraging your customers to leave their review so that searchers can see the value that you have brought your past customers.

Facebook Reviews

Reaching out and interacting with an audience on Facebook has become a common and effective way to market. People like to visit your page to see what conversations you’re having and what you might be offering. Add to this experience by pulling reviews to your Facebook page. This also gives you a great opportunity to have them share it, or to ask them permission to share it yourself.

Website Testimonials

Testimonials on your website is a good way to finish out your story. You’ve told your visitors about the problems you can fix, you’ve given them your valuable solution, now finish it off with testimonials to show the value that you’ve already given to others using this tried and true method. This is a great way to show someone on the fence that your products or services really do provide value.

Stay Fresh

Keeping your website fresh has a couple of advantages. First, it shows Google and your website visitors that the website hasn’t been abandoned. Second, it gives possible repeat visitors a reason to come back. You never know what you may find! Here are some suggestions on how to keep the website fresh and exciting for your visitors.

Change out Images

It is best practice to change out your images 1 – 3 times a year. If you have a main image on your homepage, changing that out and swapping images here and there gives your visitor the feeling that you’re keeping your website up to date and making it more valuable for them.


There are several things that you can do to spice up your website by changing colors and layouts without losing the color branding of your business. Simple changes like action color changes (button colors) menu changes and experimenting with lighter or darker backgrounds can change the feel of the website and shows that the site is alive and changing for the better.

Keep Your Information Updated

Leaving a site to sit for long periods of time, the information can quickly become outdated. Make sure to visit your site from time to time and read the information in it. This will help you to keep your contact information up to date, reflect any changes in staffing, and that the offers are relevant to what you may be offering in-store. Adding your store specials on your website is a great way to promote sales while showing that your website is very much alive. Now your customers feel that they need to follow your website so that they don’t miss out on any deals.

Build Site Content

Adding content shows that your site is alive and growing versus sitting stale and possibly abandoned. This can affect your SEO in a tremendous way. Let’s look at a few ways to accomplish this.


Blogging can very much be an underrated tool. There are several advantages to this approach. Google will list your blog pages in results for your business. This is also a great way to give value to your audience. Maybe I follow your blog because you show me how to keep the new jewelry I just bought from you in its best condition. It also sets you up as an expert in your field. By offering valuable information people trust that they can come to you to get great products or services.

New Pages

When you find yourself adding new services, hiring on a team, or getting testimonials pouring in, don’t be afraid to create new pages. Perhaps a small bit of information contained in one page now has enough information to have its own dedicated page. You also may go from a one-person operation to a team and you want to introduce your team to your customers. Growing the size of your website as your business grows helps to attract customers. It also gives better detail about your business.

Update Content

The importance of keeping your website content updated cannot be stressed enough. You don’t want people confused on your business hours because the site didn’t reflect your changes. You don’t want to advertise a product or service at the wrong price if you have a change. Always make sure that your website is an exact representation of your business.

Protect Your Website

There will always be spammers and hackers out there. It is important not only for the safety of your business but also your website visitors that you keep the website well protected. This is especially important for sites where important information is being transmitted such as credit card information. Always keep your website up to date and well protected.

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