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How do you know if your internet marketing is working?  If you don’t know how your web presence is contributing to your bottom line, it probably isn’t. Let me show you how to use the power of the internet to its full potential.

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Jeffery Clanton


Jeffery Clanton is a website developer located on Florida’s Treasure Coast. He specializes in building websites and designing and implementing marketing strategies for online exposure. Jeff’s ultimate goal is to help enrich his community by supporting local businesses in his area. He understands that his measure of success is based on his ability to help those around him to succeed. Hopefully that someone will be you.

How Do I Start?

The website build starts with a free consultation to discuss the business’ current marketing strategies and what it is looking to accomplish with a new website.

Jeffery Clanton’s motto “Websites with a Purpose” is not just his tagline. A website can be a business’ best friend, or a lost investment. The best way to make a website succeed is to understand what you are building and why.

The initial consultation is a very important part of the process. To build the best website for your business it’s important to start by answering a few questions.

Who is your target audience? What types of problems are they looking to solve? What solutions do you have for their problems? How will your website aid in making those solutions?


Jeffery understands that consistency is important from one marketing strategy to the other. We will do our best to match any text style and color choices and will make sure to incorporate the logo for proper branding purposes.

Need a Website?

The thing that is stopping you from not getting a website is not yet seeing how it will accomplish your goals. Let us show you. Set your free consultation right now.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses many different things from showing up in a Google search, to engaging an audience with a Facebook post, to implementing seasonal website designs to push store promotions. And these are just the tip of the iceberg with what a company can do.

Each business is unique, and each marketing strategy should employ what works the best for each business. This involves, much like your website, understanding who your audience is, what types of information they find helpful and/or useful, and how to reach them where they most commonly hang out online.

A marketing plan from Jeffery Clanton starts with a free consultation to discuss where you currently are online, deciding what strategies will be the most effective, and drawing out a plan of action.

Once a plan is implemented, next is finding what is successful and what needs to be tweaked by collecting and comparing data

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In short, search engine optimization helps your website to rank in a Google search. It is determined by several things involving your website including how the content is written, adding titles and descriptions to photos, and following Google guidelines such as proper headline lengths and creating a user-friendly website for any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Making solid, incremental changes over time, watching the results, and tweaking the process is the nature of the beast. Having a team that keeps up to date with the latest seo trends will help to ensure that your business does not suffer ranking losses due to new updates from Google.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is common these days. Understanding how to use each platform to produce quality content that your audience wants to like and tell their friends about is key. Show them what you do with quality photos on sites like Instagram. Tell them about it with engaging posts on Facebook. Show them what you do with entertaining videos on YouTube.

Social media is best when strategized and scheduled rather than making posts at random times about random topics. Deciding on a theme for your pages and a schedule, your audience knows what to expect and when. They have something to look forward to rather than never knowing if a post will come or if it will be something that they’re interested in.


Local Marketing (Google Maps)

When you do a search for a restaurant in your area, you probably have run into the Google map in the search results. It has a list of businesses nearby that offer what you are looking for. Claiming your Google page and filling out the information is a good start. Listing your business on authoritative websites and making sure that your information is consistent everywhere it is found are good fundamentals for local search marketing.

Email Marketing

If you have store promotions throughout the year, new inventory come in, are producing newsletters to read, your audience may be interested in subscribing to your email marketing campaign. This gives them the opportunity to stay in the know without having to constantly check in on what’s happening. When you have a sale or receive a new shipment, they’ll receive an email, so they’ll never miss a thing.

Seasonal Website Designs

Every business has times that they see an increase in sales for different reasons. These increases may be for different seasons, holidays, or life experiences. A jewelry store may see an increase in sales around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. A tree trimming service may see an increase in calls before an incoming tropical storm or hurricane. A clothing store may see an increase in sweater sales in the fall, and bathing suits in the summer.

Your store has sales and promotions to take advantage of these changes in sales trends. Your website should do the same. It should be up to date with anything happening inside the store, and the design should help to support this. Changing designs to accommodate current promotions is a very useful tool to let your users know that they can keep coming back to your website to find new things rather than the same content year-round.

Looking for Marketing?

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