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Turn Your Website into a Money Maker

People have the wrong perception of websites.

You can’t just stick your flag in the ground and hope people see it. That flag is in the middle of a whole sea of flags, as far as the eye can see. Once you place your flag, how do you raise it higher than everyone else. That people see your flag before they see anyone else’s?

Granted, you do have to have a website in order for people to find it. But a website isn’t valuable unless people find it, come to your website, and buy something.

If you really want to get the value of your website, it has to be set up in a way to not only get people to buy, but also buy again, over and over.

A well-designed digital presence will take people from complete strangers to raving fans.

If this isn’t what your website does, set an appointment and I’ll show you how.

How It Works

The Discovery

Other companies sell cookie cutter websites for generic businesses. That doesn’t serve the needs of your customers nor your business objectives.

Every business passes value to their customer in their own unique way. It’s this unique way that makes your offer to your customers stand out. Oftentimes it’s the reason they chose you over the other results. That’s a very important distinction.

And that’s why this step is all about you

It’s all about understanding who your business is. Understanding what message your business is trying to convey. Understanding what makes you unique and the impact that added value passes to your customers.

Market Research

Your market research should focus on:

  1. Who your typical customer is
  2. What problem they are looking to solve
  3. What platforms your customers use when they search for an answer to their problems
  4. What terms they use when they search for the answer to their problem

This step is learning about your customers

This will help to get an idea of where you should be. Who you’re talking to. The type of content they want. The keywords that you want your content to be centered around.

This is also a good time to do a check on your competitors. Find the top people in your industry. Look at their website. What are they talking about? Where do they live online? What type of content are they putting on social media channels?

It’s important…

…to have a strategy for every piece of content that you put online from a page on your website, to a blog post or email, to a social media post on Facebook.

What are we producing? Why? How does it benefit my customer base? How will it lead to?


  • More trust in my brand
  • A lead for my business
  • A conversion


At this point you know who you’re talking to, where they live online, what they read, and what problems they have that you can solve. You also know whether you’re trying to make them aware of your brand, driving them to your website, or focusing on increasing conversion rates.

Understanding where you’re starting is very important. It’s easy to think:

“What I want is people to buy. Of course, I’m trying to optimize for conversions. I want sales!”

It’s much easier to sell to someone that knows and trusts your brand than someone that has never heard of you. Why should I trust you? This is what brand awareness is all about. Getting people to see you regularly when they’re online. By the time they visit your website, they think of you as a well-known, trusted brand.

Of course, it’s hard to increase conversions or even optimize for them if nobody is seeing your website and your offer. Increasing traffic leads to collecting data that you can use to start focusing on increasing conversions. One step at a time!

Once you are getting the traffic and can see the data from it, this is when you can start to see what you are doing that is successful and what is failing.

Sometimes you put something out there and it just doesn’t work. Sometimes something as simple as a headline or image change, background color change, button color change can accomplish a couple of different tasks Increase results from a lackluster funnel Refresh an old successful funnel with a new look and turn it back into a money maker

The avenues that you use in your strategy (blog, email, social media) all depend on the results of your market research. The strategies that you apply (type of content, customer journey, calls to action) will all depend on the customer base you’re talking to.

Is This For Me?

New or Start-up Businesses

So you just started a new business. Congratulations! Now you need to do some marketing. Know you’re getting started in the right places. Get the proper research to know who you’re targeting, what they want, and where they are. Start building your online presence confidently.

Don’t feel like you’re rolling the dice with a marketer. Build an online presence with strategy and purpose.

Businesses needing Traffic

Each platform that you use serves an audience in its own unique way (i.e. pictures on Instagram, videos on YouTube).

What if you properly leveraged those with not only content that your customer base enjoys and interacts with, but that leads those prospects down a journey that ends with you making a sale.

It’s time to start creating strategies for your internet marketing. Create a customer journey that gets them to know your business, trust your business, and buy from your business.

Established Online Presence

Have you hit a wall with your internet marketing, losing customer retention, or just need some fresh ideas?

Get assessments on current marketing strategies to find possible improvements.

Discuss new avenues and strategies that your business may explore to increase traffic, leads, and conversions. Discover better or new streams of revenue.

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