Let Me Introduce Myself

A Little About Me

Growing Up

I was born and raised in the south Florida area. Growing up my favorite thing to do, outside of kickball and drinking from the water hose, was playing video games. Being born in the 80s, Nintendo was my addiction. While I thought of it as entertainment at the time, I believe that I gained a lot out of playing those games. It really taught me perseverance. It also taught me that through perseverance you can really achieve at high standards. I still play games online with my friends from time to time, but boy those were the days, and Mario and Luigi will always have a special place in my heart!

Moving Forward

While I still had the video game bug in me, as I approached the end of my elementary school years, I really shifted my focus to something that really defined who I was for several years of my life. When I was given the gift of a drum set from my family, little did I know how much it would impact my life. I started with private lessons and really took off with it quickly. I spent hours at a time honing those skills, and learning the next new trick became an obsession.

I went on to play for several different groups including The Boston Crusaders for Drum Corps International (DCI), Stryke Percussion for Winter Guard International (WGI), took it up at college playing for a stint at Florida Atlantic University, then at the University of North Alabama. I even taught some groups for a while, including the high school I was attending at the time.


If you’re unfamiliar with DCI or WGI, you should really check it out. The kids that play in these groups are phenomenal, and the things that they endure and overcome are incredible.

I learned a lot about myself from drumming. I learned that when you feel like you can’t push any harder, there’s always more fight in you than you realize. I learned that high levels of achievement are not beyond my reach if I truly push to achieve them. I learned the value of community and collaboration. I also learned that the friends you make if you embrace a community, are friends that you will have forever.

The Chess King

Ok, so I wasn’t really the chess king, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. Especially in my high school and college years.

When I started playing chess online, I found myself getting distracted during my opponent’s turn. When I found that there were time options like 5-minute and 1-minute games, that’s when I really started enjoying it!

While I’ll never be a Garry Kasparov or a Bobby Fischer, I still enjoy the competition. I enjoy the game of brain versus brain. No luck of the draw, but rather two competitors battling over who knows the game better and shaking hands after the intense battle.

I really feel that a good game of 1-minute chess helps to improve quick thinking ability. To be under such a time crunch and having to make decisions that can win or lose the game I find to really be a translatable skill.

The Battles of Life

When I entered my thirties, life gave me a bit of a turn. I became very sick and was eventually hospitalized.

I left the hospital a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic and had severe neuropathy. A few months later I would develop a rare condition called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).

This was the start of a very hard time in my life, but a time that would set me on the course that I am currently following today.

The Recovery

It would take me a good year of recovery before I was able to do a lot of things that I took for granted before my life took this turn. The time it took to recover cost me a lot of things including my job.

As I began to overcome these newly found problems, I found myself at a crossroad. I wanted to enter back into the workforce and get my life back. I wanted to persevere! But, what do I do? These ailments limit me to a certain degree.

I decided that this was an opportunity to take a new path in life. I have a brother that is highly skilled with web development and programming and I knew that this was something that I could accomplish both mentally and physically.

Becoming a Website Developer

After some talks with my brother I decided that web development was what I wanted to do. I began taking online courses and learned a few different coding languages. After finishing courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Reactjs, it was time to find a job. The first interview I had didn’t use any of these languages. It used WordPress, and I was unfamiliar with WordPress. I left feeling defeated, but that wouldn’t last long. I went home and began my WordPress studies. After getting my bearings in the WordPress world, I was glad that I did. I found that it is a good tool that a lot of businesses can use to their advantage. So now I’ve added WordPress to my toolbelt, what’s next?


I really felt that with the tools that I had acquired could really be a benefit to people. Having done some internet marketing in the past, working for myself, I liked the ability to work directly with business owners. I liked the shared feeling of happiness we both had when the business was dominating the Google search, and those thoughts were heavily on my mind. I wanted the chance to work for myself. I wanted the chance to really create value with my tools and feel like I’m benefitting small businesses in my local community.

I had found my new road.

Continuing the Journey

I am now on my journey. I built my website, dove in headfirst and created my first two websites (this one and this one), and am moving right along.  I hope that you found my story interesting, and maybe learned about some things you didn’t know existed like DCI or Nintendo (Seriously? Everybody knows about Nintendo!) I also hope that you become part of my journey, and I get the opportunity to become part of yours.

If you’d like to sit down and talk about what I can do for your business, give me a call or shoot me an email. The talk is free.  Or if you know all things chess or played for DCI, or anything musical for that matter, shoot me an email and tell me all about it.

Thanks for listening. Until the next episode!