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Jeffery Clanton

Web designer, web developer, and internet marketer located in Fort Pierce, Florida
Jeffery Clanton - Website Developer and Internet Marketer

Let's Get Acquainted

I’m Jeffery Clanton. I’m an internet marketer and a website designer and developer.

I find that internet marketing is a struggle for a lot of business owners. They struggle with either how/where to get started, or they have an online presence, but it just isn’t producing results.

I want to provide a solution to the question of “how do I actually make sales on the internet?”

Two questions are common when it comes to websites and internet marketing

Question #1:

Do I take time away from my business to try to get some customers online?

The problem most business owners have with this method is two-fold.
First, internet marketing and websites are not one of those if you build it, they will come types of deals. There must be a strategy. This strategy must be testable and often tweaked. Very rarely does a marketing strategy come out hitting a homerun.
Secondly, these business owners have their own day to day business issues to handle. They oftentimes find themselves taking from one side to give to the other. This leads to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and busy. Especially if the investment of time doesn’t produce the results.

Question #2:

Do I hire someone to do my internet marketing for me?

This second question can lead to all types of questions. “Will it make more than it costs?” “How will I know if they are actually bringing money in the door?” The latter is especially true when a business owner is employing multiple marketing strategies. “How do I know that my [insert strategy here] isn’t bringing in the customers?”

These are all legitimate questions.

Being a small business owner, I can most certainly relate to needing customers. I want to help business owners understand that websites are a tool. Internet marketing is a developed strategy. The outcomes of an online marketing strategy are trackable.

When I started talking to business owners, I noticed two trends.

1. They wanted a website because they felt that they had to have one.
2. They were hesitant to do internet marketing because they just didn’t believe in it from a buyer’s perspective.

I thought about these issues long and hard. I wanted to know; how can I make the internet a valuable resource for a business owner? How can I give them confidence in marketing online?

How can I be transparent so that my client can know that they are investing in marketing, not creating an extra business expense?

I set out to answer these questions by doing three things:

1. Being able to explain to them how online marketing works without complicated jargon
2. Present them a plan that makes sense to and that they believe will actually work
3. Being able to show the results to them using trackable data so that they know their money is going to good use

Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees. Equally important to a business owner, time is a precious commodity. I want to add real value to a company. I want to show them that I understand how important their resources are and that I don’t intend to waste them.

Every business is unique. They have different business models, different unique selling propositions, different customer bases. I realize that they don’t need a Facebook post, or a blog because it’s the trend. They need to:

• Find the best way to reach their customers online
• Present to them the business’s product or solution
• Show that customer why their product brings real value to their lives

Show their customers why they should be buying and coming back for more!

I look forward to what I can do for business owners. At the end of the day we all need money to eat and pay our bills, but nothing beats the feeling of giving a client/customer real value. Nothing beats watching another business succeed and seeing the benefits it brings into their lives because you were able to help them.

That’s what I aim to do. I certainly hope that the business that I help is yours. Before you say, “This won’t work for me.”, hear the strategy and make an informed decision. After all, the consultation is free.

Don’t miss your opportunity.

I Would Love to Hear From You

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